Who is going to be your teacher?

We are four French teachers very devoted to our work. When we teach French via Skype we always follow the same principles: efficiency, fun, good atmosphere, progression, flexibility and motivation. 
Thank you for understanding that you cannot choose your teacher. She will be selected based on our availability and schedules. But do not worry, we all work with the same commitment and quality!
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Thank you, Lara & Elisabeth & Déborah & Lili


Languages: French, English, German

Hi, my name's Lara and have been teaching French for 7 years. As a part time job first, during my years in university, and as a full time job since November 2013. I just completed my Master in International Law and decided to teach French per Skype in order to do something useful while travelling. Hence, you will see me sometimes in Turkey and sometimes in Paris. And even in Alaska maybe in a couple of month! Who knows! But always with the same willingness and motivation behind: teaching my language and my culture to those who are interested in them. I'm very interested in current political and social events, sports, art and of course: travels. I speak both English and German and I hope I will help you out to get to know Molière's' language. I can't wait to get to know you!


Languages: French, English, Greek

Bonjour, my name is Elisabeth, I am a French native from Lyon. I have taught French for nearly one year. Before I was an actress and director so words were already my work’s base! I try to use my theatrical tools during my lessons to make them playful and funny. This part of the learning process is important for me, the less stressed you are, the easier you will learn and remember because you won’t be focusing on it!
Skype is a good way to learn because you are comfortably located in the place you choose, with a cup of tea or coffee (or both!) and ready to learn. I will give all my best to help you with your French, whatever your level is!
I like travelling and am interested in artistic themes of course, theatre, music, photography, cinema, literature, and current affairs that I try to incorporate into my lessons. See you soon!


Languages: French, English, Spanish

My name is Déborah. I grew up in the south of France, studied in Belgium and currently live in San Sebastian, located in the beautiful Spain. My genealogical tree, whose roots are spread between four continents (Europe, Asia, Africa and Melanesia), surely has something to do with my insatiable appetite for travel, adventure and culture. I have been teaching French with great enthusiasm for over 7 years and I have to say, I love my job. With each new assignment I learn and grow as teacher and a person. I learnt a lot from teaching migrants in Bordeaux, retirees in Lisbon, university students in China, school kids in Madrid and business workers in the Basque Country. Online teaching was a natural progression for me, taking everything I have learnt, embracing new technologies, to enter the domain of the virtual classroom. I offer lessons tailored to the student's needs. I am committed and will do my best to make learning French as enjoyable as possible... and to make grammar as easy as possible! Together we are going to have a great time!


Languages: French, English

Bonjour! :) My name is Lili, I live in Toulouse, in the south of France. I acquired my masters degree there, in the department of French as foreign language. During my university studies I offered French classes to foreign students and later I became a teacher in a language school as well. 
Even though there are many advantages of group lessons, I found that private lessons with one student were the most successful. In a group session each student has different needs, but in an one on one lesson you can personalize the lesson to narrow the focus of the class to exactly what is needed for the student. Moreover, this personalized, useful language knowledge is available to everyone within my Internet based, lived language lessons. 
I engage in many different types of sports in my freetime, and because I love to be up-to-date I am constantly surfing the net.


Student comments

"J'adore les cours de français via Skype que ce site propose! Ils m'ont permis d'améliorer mon français et de connaître la culture française!" (Carolina, 27)

"During the lessons there is a good ambience. It is convivial and very interactive. Great!" (Tom, 35)

"Obtuve el DELF con una praparación de tan solo 2 meses, gracias a la eficacia de éste método, y todo desde casa. ¡Es genial! " (Alejandro, 21)

"J'adore les leçons de français sur Internet. Lili, ma professeur, est très habile et sympa. Vous pouvez faire les cours dans votre maison, bureau ou dans la voiture. Je recommande French From Anywhere à tous mes amis. Nous vivons une vie pour chaque langue que nous parlons! Etudions!" (Augusto)