We have a new website, let's go forward to www.frenchfromanywhere.com



  • Why online on Skype?
    • Because you learn to speak, not only to read and write 
  • With who?
    • With native teachers who speak French as a living language without any accent 
  • Why is it good?
    • Because this is the most human way of online language learning: you learn from a person, 
      not software or books
  • Why take online individual lessons?
    • Because you have the full attention of your teacher, not like in a group
  • Where? When?
    • You attend the lessons via Skype wherever and whenever you want…
      from your home, office or even a café… you save money and time! 
  • For who?
    • Our lessons are available for all levels and ages… from A1 to C2, from 5 to 99 years old!
  • How will be my French lessons?

In addition...

  • Fast and free registration without credit card 
  • The first lesson is completely free 
  • Simple and user-friendly online calendar for lesson booking 
  • Email lesson reminder  
  • Very professional and friendly native teachers